Our mission is to ''Guide and shape future leaders by...

... aligning their personal and business purpose in a way that fulfills them and generates more meaning, so they can have a bigger and more positive impact in the world.''
Nathalie Virem, Founder
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Nathalie Virem Foundation is the premiere resource and platform developing conscious, aligned, committed and engaged leaders of meaningful, thriving and ethically sustainable ventures serving the greater good

Nathalie Virem Foundation offers charity events with global media coverage raising funds through charitable contributions and donations for human development projects

We also offer an academy that hosts workshops, seminars, retreats, online courses, and books and that focuses on helping at-risk, and economically disadvantaged leaders with scholarships. 
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 The benefits of becoming a sponsor investor include a return of up to $85,000+ in value!
In exchange for a donation, Sponsor Investors receive:
  • Name recognition on promotional materials and social media platforms.
  • Complimentary tickets and scholarships to Foundation events (galas, courses, workshops, seminars).
  • An option to participate on the Advisory Board of the Foundation.
The Nathalie Virem Foundation has received two “Certificate of Recognition” awards from the State  of California and the City of Los Angeles for the outstanding  philanthropic work, dedication, commitment and  efforts towards developing  professional business leaders and contributing  to strong local economies in order to make a more  positive impact throughout the city of Los Angeles. 
For more information contact:

Nathalie Virem - - +1 424 527 1372
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