Nathalie Virem Foundation is the premiere resource and platform, developing and upbringing conscious leadership. We develop influential leaders serving the greater good, so they can have a bigger and more positive impact in the world.

We host conscious act of kindness events to raise funds for human development projects with a high global repercussion on the media.
 Nathalie Virem Foundation's academy fosters empowerment and education. Delivers workshops, seminars, retreats, online courses, and books. Focuses on giving scholarships, and support future leaders bring their vision into the world.
The Nathalie Virem Foundation was created on September 2018 and was ready for action that December, we are now celebrating our first anniversary. We have been working unbreakably since then. Our first step was to define our Vision with a visionary mentor. The initial vision has been focused on helping our community, and eventually, the world through our Foundation’s Academy's first Workshop hosted this past fall. For that event, we’ve donated 90 full-ride scholarships away to conscious leaders and business owners of the future.
As I mentioned earlier, an inspiring hands-on transformational workshop was delivered by the Foundation, during four weeks, in the city of Beverly Hills, from October 24 until November 13, and it had a tremendous impact on our community. One of the attendees, Jimmy Delshad, two-times Mayor of Beverly Hills, gave us an amazing testimonial, saying that “ was a very different workshop than any other entrepreneurship program” he has been involved in. (This testimonial as many others are currently available on our website) 
Social entrepreneurs, leaders, and students won the 90-scholarships. Those full-ride scholarships with a value of $997 each, were personally donated by the Foundation's Founder and CEO Nathalie Virem along with the total costs of the activation. Our goal is that other Angel Scholarship Donors join our Foundation in this selfless act of kindness.

The future of the Foundation is to continue developing conscious visionary leaders who will help to have a bigger and more positive impact through ethically sustainable ventures serving the greater good...the world...
Our upcoming goals include a MasterMind for our Ultimate Entrepreneurship Workshop alumnus; we want to produce more local Workshops; Pitching & coordinating scholarship donations, and of course, the fundraising that lets us continue to have an impact in our community.
Our extended Vision includes act of kindness events that will raise funds for primarily human development projects, and also other projects outside the Foundation scope. These projects will help change the world in unthinkable ways.


Nathalie Virem - CEO & President

Nathalie Virem is the CEO and President of the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

As an international best-selling author, speaker, expert and founder of the Nathalie Virem Foundation, I've helped over 3,000+ business owners and MBA students grow and scale an ethically sustainable business.

The Nathalie Virem Foundation is the premier resource and platform developing conscious leaders of ethically sustainable ventures serving the greater good. We offer charity events and an academy that focuses on helping at-risk, and economically disadvantaged leaders with scholarships. 

Our Foundation has received two “Certificate of Recognition” awards from the State of California and the City of Los Angeles for the outstanding philanthropic work, dedication, commitment and efforts towards developing professional business leaders and contributing to strong local economies in order to make a more positive impact throughout the city of Los Angeles.

Jeffrey Evans - Chief Development Officer

Jeffrey Evans is the Chief Development Officer of the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

As the founder of Who You Know, Inc, a brand builder, and a networking expert, Jeffrey is experienced and passionate leader who clearly inspires people. Member Board of Directors of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Very involved in the Beverly Hills community. A true people connector who has positively instilled a winning culture within every business and brand.

Skilled in: the Luxury market, Event planning, Trend Analysis, Trend Forecasting, Sales, Retail, Recruiting, Social Media and Community Outreach. Strong business development professional who knows how to connect luxury brands to the community and drive sales toward end result. A true brand ambassador. 
A Word From The Founder
Produced and Directed by

''Guide and shape future leaders by...

... aligning their personal and business purpose in a way that fulfills them and generates more meaning, so they can have a bigger and more positive impact in the world.''
Nathalie Virem, Founder

LuzAngela Rubin - Mission & Ethics Board Advisor.

LuzAngela’s primary focus is the awakening of consciousness through transformative, congruent, and holistic principles that guide and empower others to discover, embrace and manifest their lives’ purpose and self-mastery, through assertiveness and coherence. Her aim is to inspire individual change through discernment, integrity, appreciation, gratitude, compassion, and respect.

She currently holds the position of Mission & Ethics Board Advisor for the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

LuzAngela is an Archangelic Therapist and Holistic Wellness Practitioner specializing in Naturist, Conscious & Integrative Nutrition and Fasting, Hypnotherapy, Regressive Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Auriculotherapy, Sustainability, Sound Therapy, and Akashic Records. She was born vegan and actively supports a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Her therapy includes the Crystal Sapphire and Crystal Turquoise System as well as the Arcturians’ and Antaresans’ Light Codes. She has studied under many Spiritual Masters and continues remembering, learning, growing, and transforming every day.

In addition, LuzAngela is the coordinator of Agartam U.S.A. (, and channels the Meditations to Remember in Spanish

Rodrigo de Moraes - Fundraising & Accounting Advisor.

Rodrigo de Moraes is a Sr. Tax Specialist with extensive experience in non profit organizations.

He currently holds the position of Fundraising & Accountant Advisor for the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

Rodrigo is a self-motivated intrapeneur team player with a proven leadership record and over 20 years experience in business. Consistent high-level performer in management positions in the accounting, finance, operations, and education fields. Talent for implementing systems and procedures to optimize organizational efficiency and forward the company mission. Excellent collaborative abilities, display a knack for problem solving by working closely with principals, managers, staff, customers, and vendors. Versatile contributor who can tap into experience in a diverse range of roles in various industries. 

Yohan Lefèvre - Outreach Advisor.

Yohan Lefèvre has extensive volunteering experience in the charitable sector and currently holds the position of Outreach Advisor for the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

Yohan serves as a volunteer in various non-profit organizations that support and provide services to at-risk and economically disadvantaged communities in the Los Angeles area.

Passionated about helping those in need, Yohan has been helping leaders and organizations be more conscious and have a more positive impact for the past decade. 

William Aguilar - Fundraising Research Advisor.

William Aguilar is an MBA student from Cal State LA and a Social Media Expert.
While in school William was president of his fraternity Zeta Beta Tau. He is a mentor for CollegeSpring, where he teaches Math, Reading and Writing SAT prep to students in under resourced areas in Los Angeles, many of which would be First Generation college students. 

He currently holds the position of Fundraising Research Advisor for the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

William also helps provide insight into college applications, financial aid and helps students locate the resources necessary to enroll. 

To help with his college finances, William used his knowledge of economics to establish his first few entrepreneurial ventures in selling Trading cards and collectible figures. He simultaneously used his knowledge of Marketing and Management to further excel his business through social media and allocating the budgets/expenses precisely. 

Thinh Truong - Philanthropist Advisor.

Thinh Truong is a US Veteran with skills, knowledge, and passion to serve the community. 

As a big fan of Joe Gebbia, the founder of Airbnb, Thinh is a US Veteran serving with passion leaders in the community.

He currently holds the position of Philanthropist Advisor for the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

Thinh helps the Nathalie Virem Foundation connect with conscious leaders, international keynote speakers, incubators, philanthropists, venture capitalists, and investors.

Thinh aspires to promote "A better society with great entrepreneurs". 

Hilda Hacoobei - Travel Advisor.

In 2014, Hilda Hacoobei founded M&H Distinctive Journeys, a full service travel and concierge luxury travel agency based in Los Angeles. In 2017, Hilda joined Virtuoso Network, the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel. Hilda is a travel matchmaker who uses her industry knowledge and connections to tailor a perfect retreat or vacation for individuals or groups.

She currently holds the position of Travel Advisor for the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

M&H Distinctive Journeys is committed to sustainability and believes that the travel industry can be a powerful catalyst in the world. The company’s mission is to spread awareness and knowledge about protecting and preserving the wildlife and our environment through travel.

Lucia Miño Andrade - Marketing & Media-communication Advisor.

Is an international Strategic Marketing Expert, with 15+ years of experience in management positions with large international companies.

She currently holds the position of Marketing & Media-communication Advisor for the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

Lucia has a Bachelor of Business Administration, two Masters in Online Marketing and  Marketing Research and has completed an entrepreneurship training from Stanford Continuing Studies.
Market Overview
Entrepreneurship contributes fundamentally to economic growth. New job creation comes primarily from young and growing companies. Innovation, too, depends heavily on entrepreneurial firms. Entrepreneurs not only discover problems facing society; they exist to solve those problems. In this context, it is no surprise that substantial research has been devoted to understanding the phenomenon of entrepreneurship including the need for answers to these key questions: 
Why do people become entrepreneurs? 
What is the benefit of entrepreneurship to the economy and society in general? 
How can we encourage the growth of entrepreneurship? 
What can we do to support entrepreneurs in their drive to succeed?
From serving mainly the underprivileged to at times the gifted, from late teenagers through middle-aged individuals, the The Nathalie Virem Foundation offers the following services:
 Conduct ongoing leadership and entrepreneurial development training, via scheduled curriculum that focuses on the following content: 
- Get clarity about manifesting passion and purpose.
- Seize a competitive advantage in an evolving marketplace.
- Capitalize on your “calling.”
- Overcome fears, uncertainties and doubts.
- Tune-in and use spiritual psychology to grow your business.
- Enhance decision-making skills and get real tangible results.
- Take meaningful and substantial actions that matter. 
- Develop a powerful and renowned brand.
- Establish a proven business model to create a consistent stream of wealth.
- Expand your network, connect and partner with others.
- Implement actionable insights to grow your business
- Scale your business through systems, hiring and digital media.
- Have a bigger and more positive impact in the world.
- Connect to your higher wisdom, find eternal joy and leave a meaningful legacy.
 Utilize a variety of platforms including workshops, seminars, coaching, consulting, internships and networking to deliver ongoing leadership and entrepreneurship training and development.
 Offer books, workbooks, online programs, videos and other learning and business development products.
 Create a brick and mortar Entrepreneurship Center.
 Develop micro-entrepreneurial ventures (including a clothing line, documentary and tv show.)
 Create national and international exchange programs.
Our goal with the Nathalie Virem Foundation is to work with conscious leaders and entrepreneurs to ensure long term success by helping them in their early years identify their calling and develop the mindset, skills and tools they need to thrive in business.
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